Awesome People Hanging Out Together

Fey, Silverman, Poeler

The internet has it’s fair share of awesome Tumblrs (and awesome in general, really), but I think my personal favourite is Awesome People Hanging Out Together. It’s been a bit of a tradition of mine to use these as my desktop background to remind me about, you know, awesome people! Like this collection of my favourite funny ladies, Tina Fey, Sarah Silverman and Amy Poeler, goofing around with Annie Leibovitz. Don’t they look so young!

Awesome People Hanging Out Together

Or Mr Cumberbatch obviously saying something charming and British to other charming Brits, Hugh Laurie and Idriss Elba. (*swoon*)

Crosby and Astaire

And with me being a complete vintage movie tragic, this photo of Fred Astaire leaping about while Bing Crosby looks on, nonchalantly clicking his fingers makes me melt. Check out Fred’s matching socks, belt and cravat! More on Astaire as a style hero over on The Sartorialist.

What do you think? A Tumblr worthy of ‘favourite’ status? Which is your favourite ‘awesome people’ shot?


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