Lust Object- Acne Pistol Boots

Lust Object- Acne Pistol Boots.jpg

Images via Fashionvibe, Ssense, ooh-vogue

When it comes to accessories, my super-dooper top 3 favourites are:

  • Boots
  • Bags
  • Coats

If you did an itemised cost-breakdown of my entire wardrobe, I guarantee that the most money would have been spent of these 3 items. When I’m obsessing over something I didn’t buy, you can bet it’s a coat, bag or boots.

At the top of this list of obsessions, for many years now, are the Acne Pistol Boots. Not too high, but still chic, I feel like I would live in these. Rag & Bone do a similar style , but the matte leather on the Acnes have really sucked me in. It’s love (and probably only a matter of time until I cave and buy them).


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